In some dimensions, Love is all that exists. What if we had the means to access those dimensions and experience that? Seraphic Light can be that course.

The Seraphic Light course is a new, advanced course of the Seraphim Blueprint System for those who have completed Level 6 only. It brings in two completely new energies to work with that integrate with the rest of the Seraphim Blueprint Energies.

This course is about working with more frequencies on the light spectrum. It will provide a means to add more light and frequencies to the existing energies of the Seraphim Blueprint. These new energies allow you to connect more directly and deeply with light, both on this plane as well as dimensionally. It allows the ability to use that light for healing yourself and others. The energies are limited only by your vision of the light. This is an evolving energy, and we are just now beginning to scratch the surface in terms of using light for healing and growth.

The Seraph has requested that this course be taught over two days with one week between classes to allow for integration of the energies. There are 21 attunements that activate new functions both on the physical and dimensional planes. The attunements for these new energies include using light as a laser for healing, using light to clear chakras and nadis, grounding between heaven and earth and dimensionally, connecting with dimensional and light beings, and much

Adding these new energies to the already considerable arsenal of healing that is available in the Seraphim Blueprint Energies can help advance your physical, emotional and spiritual development. You can create a new level of balance in your life that was not possible at lower levels of vibration. You may begin to recognize old thought patterns and patterns of behavior more quickly, and shift them more easily. In general, you may find a new feeling of peace as you truly experience the Light becoming more and more a part of your life.

Maria Hubbuch: It's a great class with powerful energy-- I recommend it highly!
Gabriella Lombardi: These are amazing energies, and a wonderful class. I feel very blessed to have received them,l. Thank you, hope many, many people participate
Lee Shook: This class is a must do. The energies are ramped up and we are ready to put them into use. Incredibly powerful to use and some to share.
Curt Buettner: Fantastic Energy, great class and ANY class/workshop with Tom is a delightful one! This New Form that Tom has discovered is amazing, and unlike any other!