Advanced Classes

In addition to the six levels of the Seraphim Blueprint, there are a number of advanced classes available once a person had made it through the levels. After Level 3, one is eligible for a class entitled "Healing Advanced." No new energies are introduced, but overlays of the energy attunements are given which allow one to work with greater depth and efficiency with the energies..

After completion of all six levels, and an appropriate amount of time, a student becomes eligible to take further classes. Guardians of Gaia is a very popular and powerful class that gives a person some astounding ways to use the energy in order to work with the energies of Mother Earth, and also with one's self.. Guardians of Gaia is taught after six or more months of completion of all six levels, and with the agreement of the Seraph.

Fusion is another class that requires a period of time after completion of all six levels, and is a very powerful way to begin to create some wonderful combinations of energy to work with. Fusion and Guardians of the Galaxy are taught by a number of teachers.

Seraphic Tour of the Galaxy is taught only by Ruth, and is a tour de force journey of the galaxy and the energies that are present. Thought provoking and enlightening.

The Seraphic Tour of the Solar System is a class that has no prerequisites. One does not need to be a Seraphim Blueprint Energy student or have taken any levels in order to participate in this class. It enables one to work with the planetary energies, which are amazingly healing. Very powerful. Again this is taught by several teachers.

Seramed is a short class in duration, but powerful in content. Ruth Rendely was a Transcendental Meditation practitioner and teacher for many years. (She is still a practitioner.) Using the energy of the Seraph, it imparts the ability to the recipient to enter into deep meditation fairly effortlessly... Seramed is taught by a number of teachers and is usually a one to two hour class...