Tom received his early Reiki training in 1983 from Ethel Lombardi, one of Takata Sensei’s 22 masters. He has worked with Reiki continuously since that time. He received his master level training from several masters, including William Rand, Liz Tarr, Richard Rivard, Diane Shewmaker, Hiroshi Doi and Hyakuten Inamoto. He is also a certified teacher of SKHM (say kem), the system of Seichim (say keem) energy as taught by Patrick Ziegler, the person responsible for bringing Seichim energy into the world in modern times. And has worked directly with Patrick. He works with crystals and teaches a system of crystal healing.

He is certified in Usui Reiki Ryoho, Gendai, Komyo, Usui Tibetan Reiki, Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki and Karuna, as well as other systems.

For over 30 years he has studied metaphysical concepts, martial arts, Yoga, T’ai Chi and meditation. In August of 1999, he was one of the co-organizers of the first URRI workshop in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada which brought Japanese Reiki Master Hiroshi Doi to the west to teach many of these original techniques for the first time.

Tom was a presenter at the URRI (Usui Reiki Ryoho International) conference in Kyoto, Japan in November of 2000 and the URRI conference in Madrid, Spain in November of 2001. He was a co-organizer and presenter for the URRI 2002 conference held in September in Toronto, Canada.

Since 2000, Tom has been traveling and teaching both nationally and internationally, having taught in such diverse places as Japan, Scotland, England, Spain, Canada and the U.S.

In 2004, he began to realize his lifelong dream of being able to help others open their hearts. With the creation of Lotusheart, that dream began to manifest. He was awakened by Spirit to create and teach both Lotusfire and Lotusheart.

In addition to Reiki, Tom has practiced as a Rebirther or Integrative Breathwork practitioner for over 25 years. He was trained in acupressure by Bonnie Pendleton, utilizing a system that is a version of Jin Shin Jyutsu. He has also studied Polarity Therapy, Shiatsu, and many other energy healing modalities.

He began working with and studying the Seraphim Blueprint Energies in 2012 and is now certified to teach all six levels of the SBE system. In addition, Tom has taken all the advanced levels of the Seraphim Blueprint Energy System.

Tom works and lives in Towson, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore. He is enthusiastic and passionate about healing and teaching.