© 2013 Tom Rigler

I’ve been working with energy and healing in one form or another for over 30 years. During that time I have attended classes taught by leaders in all areas. I have sought, throughout that time, to discover the easiest ways that people can learn to heal themselves. The Seraphim Blueprint Energies are among the simplest to learn, easiest to use, and most effective of the energies and systems that I have worked with.

After learning the first level of the Seraphim Blueprint Energies and being struck by how powerful and easy to use they were, and at the same time extremely effective, I was faced with a personal decisional point. I could stay stuck in my ego and stay with the systems and energies I already knew, or I could acknowledge that the Blueprint Energies covered just about every aspect of healing that I taught, and was simple to learn, easy to use, and effective. I chose to release my ego and move forward, and have not regretted it at all.

I have now completed the training to teach all six levels of the Seraphim Blueprint Energies. Although I am not yet a teacher of the advanced levels, I have taken all the advanced courses that are taught as a part of the Seraphim Blueprint system.

One of the things that makes these energies so simple and effective is that they can be taught either in person or by teleconference. I have taken all levels via teleconference, and many of the people who have joined in our classes, who had previously taken a class in person, have remarked that they feel the teleconference is more powerful. There is an absolutely delightful feeling to being able to receive and learn without leaving your home and traveling long distances and spending huge amounts of time.

Each level of the training take approximately two days of about four or five hours each. Incredible..