I am available for healing treatments both in person and distantly. If you would like to
experience the Seraphim Blueprint Energies, you may contact me via email to schedule
an appointment. tom@seraphimlight.com

I also have a stock of crystals that have been empowered with Seraphim energy. Prices
range from $3 plus shipping, to $15 plus shipping, depending on the size. I can also empower
stones other than crystals. Each crystal has been individually cleared and empowered with
Seraphim Healing Energies.

The first picture displays larger crystals that are 2 to 3 inches long. The card is a
standard business card, to provide some perspective. They have various facet
configurations on them...

The crystals in the picture below are smaller crystals, running from one to one and
a half inches. They have various configurations of facets on them.