Focusing the Light of the Seraphim into your life for healing, spiritual growth and living, through the Seraphim Blueprint Energies.

Seraphim Blueprint in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Class to be held at Five Elements Salon & Day Spa, 10 - 5.

Level 1 - Seraphim Blueprint Class

There are no prerequisites for Level 1. This is a one-day class. Seraphim Blueprint Level 1 heals us physically and emotionally, laying the foundation for further spiritual growth. The first level consists of two separate energies. You will receive downloads of these powerful healing energies from the highest order of Angelic realms.

Seraphic Light - Advanced Course for Level 6

Just as plants need light in order to create life through photosynthesis, theamount and quality of light we receive governs our daily lives and our growth.Reception of light in daily quantities is instrumental in keeping our hormonalsystem operating properly, and gives us needed nutrient support. As we absorb light, we convert it into energy which fuels our lives and provides our ability to think, to act, to love. The Seraphic Light course introduces two new powerful energies that greatly enhance our ability to use Seraphic light energies for our own benefit and the healing and benefit of others. 
This is a two-day workshop available to Level 6 graduates of the Seraphim Blueprint.
Saturday March 25th and Saturday April 1st, 2017.

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